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Christa McAuliffe's Quotes

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Born: 1948-09-02
Profession: Astronaut
Nation: American
Biography of Christa McAuliffe

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We haven't sat down with Scott and Caroline and said, Now you realize that there's X amount of pounds of thrust. And this can happen and that can happen.

Tags: Happen, Realize, Said

I touch the future. I teach.

Tags: Future, Teach, Touch

I told them how excited I would be to go into space and how thrilled I was when Alan Shepard made his historic flight, and when John Kennedy announced on the news that the men had landed safely on the moon, and how jealous I was of those men.

Tags: Jealous, Men, Moon

I really don't want to say goodbye to any of you people.

Tags: Goodbye

Reach for it. Push yourself as far as you can.

Tags: Far, Reach, Yourself

If I can get some student interested in science, if I can show members of the general public what's going on up there in the space program, then my job's been done.

Tags: Done, Job, Science

NASA was going to pick a public school teacher to go into space, observe and make a journal about the space flight, and I am a teacher who always dreamed of going up into space.

Tags: Public, School, Teacher

Every shuttle mission's been successful.

Tags: Mission, Shuttle, Successful

I have the LIFE magazine of the men walking on the moon.

Tags: Life, Men, Moon

If anything happened, I think my husband would have to deal with that as the time came.

Tags: Deal, Husband, Time

If anything, the overriding emotion is gonna just be excitement.

Tags: Emotion, Excitement, Gonna

It's not the Olympics. It's Concord, New Hampshire, and a homecoming should reflect the community I'm part of.

Tags: Community, Olympics, Reflect

My sympathies have always been for working-class people.

Tags: Sympathies

Reach for the stars.

Tags: Reach, Stars

Space is going to be commonplace.

Tags: Space

We sat around one night and thought that people are going to look back and say, I can't imagine there was a lot of excitement about HER going up!

Tags: Her, Night, Thought

When I'm 60, maybe, I'll look at my pile of papers and wonder, What really happened that year?

Tags: Maybe, Wonder, Year

I can remember in early elementary school when the Russians launched the first satellite. There was still so much unknown about space. People thought Mars was probably populated.

Tags: Remember, School, Thought

I cannot join the space program and restart my life as an astronaut, but this opportunity to connect my abilities as an educator with my interests in history and space is a unique opportunity to fulfill my early fantasies.

Tags: Cannot, History, Life

I was a little concerned with how the crew was going to view me because I didn't know whether this program had been kinda forced down their throats. But they were wonderful.

Tags: View, Whether, Wonderful

I will go around the space shuttle and give a guided tour of the major areas and describe what is done in each area. This will be called The Ultimate Field Trip.

Tags: Done, Give, Space

I will have a one-hour program called the Mission Watch, where I will describe details of the mission and give additional information about the lessons from space.

Tags: Give, Space, Watch

My job in space will be to observe and write a journal. I am also going to be teaching a class for students on earth about life in space and on the space shuttle and conducting experiments.

Tags: Job, Life, Write

Sometimes when things get kind of frantic, it helps to call my husband Steve, because I think he's got a real good sense of where everything's gonna be in a few years.

Tags: Good, Husband, Real

The president felt that it was important to send an ordinary citizen to experience the excitement of space travel as a representative for all Americans.

Tags: Experience, President, Travel

The Twilight Zone' wasn't around with the kids. They think going up in space is neat. Within their lifetime, there will be paying passengers on the shuttle.

Tags: Kids, Space, Within
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