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James McCartney's Quotes

James McCartney profile photo

Born: 1977-09-12
Profession: Musician
Nation: British
Biography of James McCartney

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For my first album I wanted to make a record that would be intimate, deeply personal, and honest.

Tags: Honest, Personal, Wanted

I always feel honored to meet people who ever met my mum. It means a lot to me.

Tags: Means, Meet, Mum

I definitely want to embrace the relationships I have with the people I love.

Tags: Definitely, Embrace, Love

I did art; I made furniture. I didn't want to be a cliche - the Beatle's son who became a musician.

Tags: Art, Musician, Son

I respect my dad, and he's amazing. He's my hero. He's the Beatles, man - or one of them.

Tags: Amazing, Dad, Respect

I'm naturally guarded because of the way I was brought up. But I understand people are interested in who I am.

Tags: Interested, Naturally, Understand

Mum was very cool. Even though she came from a pretty affluent family, she was cool. She was really good, a very normal person.

Tags: Cool, Family, Good

Picking up a guitar - I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Tags: Else, Guitar, Imagine

Some artists are happy doing the same thing again and again, but my favorite artists are the ones who evolve and grow, and I want to be one of them.

Tags: Again, Grow, Happy

When I was 20, my mother died and I went off the rails a little bit. I kinda had my slightly dark period.

Tags: Dark, Mother, Off

Everyone at school knew who my dad was. It made me a little self-conscious a little introverted because I had a lot of attention drawn towards me, but in a way I guess it gives you a little bit of a celebrity skin, even though I wasn't a celebrity.

Tags: Dad, Everyone, School

Growing up, I put a lot of pressure on myself. I felt with The Beatles legacy that there was pressure on me to do music, and while I always loved music and it was always around me at home, I thought about doing other things.

Tags: Home, Music, Thought

I was heavily into Nirvana and I still am, but when I was 23 I got disillusioned by music. Then I just focused more on myself and gave up music for a while.

Tags: Gave, Music, While

It's hard to live up to The Beatles. When Wings toured, they got slated. Even Dad found it hard living up to The Beatles. I started out playing under an alias because I wanted to start quietly.

Tags: Dad, Hard, Living

Music is in me. I don't have much of a choice. People might listen to one of my songs or come and see my because of my famous last name, but if my music's not good they won't hang around.

Tags: Famous, Good, Music
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