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Junior Seau's Quotes

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Born: 1969-01-19
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Junior Seau

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Being a part of the National Football League for so long, I've come across so many trainers and equipment managers who've allowed me to be who I am today.

Tags: Football, National, Today

Being a reporter and chasing down an assignment isn't an easy thing to do, especially when you're dealing with athletes that are so focused and trying to get their little game plan together to perform under adverse conditions... it's tough.

Tags: Game, Together, Trying

For dinner I want real sushi - not the Americanized kind. My parents are American Samoan so I don't go for any of those rolls. I'll have raw prawn or sea urchin or octopus. I love it.

Tags: Love, Parents, Real

I wanted to perform well for my mom and dad, because in high school, I didn't have a job. My brothers, they worked at Pizza Hut or places like that, but sports, that was my way of giving back.

Tags: Dad, Mom, Sports

I was a quarterback in pee-wee football. I always wanted to be quarterback. They're the leaders, they make the calls. It didn't work out because I didn't have the arm. I also played wide receiver my senior year in high school.

Tags: Football, School, Work

I'm not retiring. I am graduating. Today is my graduation day. Retirement means that you'll just go ahead and live on your laurels and surf all day in Oceanside. It ain't going to happen.

Tags: Graduation, Happen, Today

I've tried to bring the mentality of the outside linebacker to the inside and the rough, tough style of an inside linebacker to the outside. The middle linebacker always has been known as kind of a big plugger. Outside guys are known to be able to run. I just try to make big plays wherever I am.

Tags: Big, Tough, Try

In order to gain the respect of your players in the locker room, you can't just perform on Saturday. You have to do it consistently during practices, meetings, and in the weight room.

Tags: Order, Respect, Saturday

Playing football and rugby is the Samoan sport. It's part of the conversation at church. It's part of the conversation in their barbershops, in the grocery stores. It's what everyone is aware of and familiar with. They take a lot of pride in the beating you can take in the course of that sport.

Tags: Everyone, Football, Pride

Ryan Leaf is doing great now. If he progresses the way he is now, we're going to have a quarterback that's going to be reckoned with in the near future. And that's not political.

Tags: Future, Great, Political

There's a window in my life which is football. I try to remember that it's not going to be there forever. That's why staying humble is important; knowing who I am and the message I'm sending out. I always try to be a person first, before I'm No. 55 on the football field.

Tags: Football, Humble, Life

To chase an athlete that really doesn't want to speak with you and when you finally get him, gives you three words and you have to write a story based on three words of information he gave you, that's pretty tough.

Tags: Him, Pretty, Words

Too many athletes are living in a tiny window. They have no vision for themselves - what they can be outside of football and what they can mean to a community. They just don't know any better. My hopes and dreams are unlimited.

Tags: Dreams, Football, Mean

When my TV show, 'Sports Jobs with Junior Seau,' assigned me to be a 'Sports Illustrated' reporter for a weekend, I didn't realize I'd have to squeeze it in around another sports job. I had planned to retire from the NFL to enjoy the cushy lifestyle of a full-time reality TV star, but I wound up getting run over by a bull.

Tags: Job, Reality, Sports

You can't live on last year, you can't live on the year before. I can't bring in my 13 Pro Bowls in the locker room and say, look at me. No. That is gone. That is the best thing about the game of football is that everybody starts over.

Tags: Best, Football, Game

You see a hockey player, you'd never know he's a professional athlete. But you put the skates on him, and he becomes a beast.

Tags: Him, Hockey, Put

Leadership can't be fabricated. If it is fabricated and rehearsed, you can't fool the guys in the locker room. So when you talk about leadership, it comes with performance. Leadership comes with consistency.

Tags: Fool, Leadership, Talk

No excuses and no sob stories. Life is full of excuses if you're looking. I have no time to gripe over misfortune. I don't waste time looking back.

Tags: Excuses, Life, Time

I had parents who instilled in me the importance of love, morals and hard work. I give God all the glory because he has brought me through so much.

Tags: God, Love, Work

My background wasn't one blessed with all the luxuries in life. Nothing is forever and I realize that.

Tags: Blessed, Life, Realize

The Super Bowl is a game. Life is for real. What I went through helped me get to where I am today. I won't forget. I can't forget. Because a man who forgets his past sometimes loses his soul and forgets where to go in the future.

Tags: Future, Life, Today

From my old neighborhood, I learned nothing was guaranteed, not even life itself. You better get it today, because tomorrow is not promised.

Tags: Life, Today, Tomorrow

Football is a chess game to me. If you move your pawn against my bishop, I'll counter that move to beat you. Football is the same way. I study so much film that I know exactly what teams are going to do. I love knowing what a offense is going to run and stuffing that play.

Tags: Football, Game, Love

I remember when I was 6 years old and my brother used to go seek out guys that were 13 to come over and play football against me while he was the 'permanent quarterback.' I didn't know exactly what the age difference was, but I was already playing against older guys.

Tags: Age, Football, Remember

As I was coming up, it always seemed like I was learning. If it wasn't from school, it was the 'hood. The influences of the 'hood are very powerful.

Tags: Learning, Powerful, School

Dad taught us about morals, values and goals. Having a tight-knit family was important to him.

Tags: Dad, Family, Him

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I can't handle rollercoasters. I have no control of it. It gets to me.

Tags: Control, Handle

I want to be the best. That's just the human way.

Tags: Best, Human

I'm afraid of being average. I have a real fear of being just another linebacker.

Tags: Another, Fear, Real

I'm basically a homegrown American.

Tags: American, Basically, Homegrown

I'm living proof that you can make it out of the ghetto.

Tags: Ghetto, Living, Proof

No, I didn't forget Samoan - I understand it when you talk to me but, you know, to put phrases together I sound like I do in English.

Tags: Forget, Together, Understand

No, I want my kids to be Tiger Woods. And Serena Williams. I dig those two.

Tags: Kids, Tiger, Woods

The best meal at my restaurant is the whole right side of the menu.

Tags: Best, Side, Whole

The Boys and Girls Club taught me a lot about sportsmanship, humility, self-respect.

Tags: Club, Humility, Taught

The goal of my Foundation is to give young people a chance to better themselves and establish a base for a successful future.

Tags: Future, Give, Successful

The past isn't going to get you to your goal.

Tags: Goal, Past

When I first started playing football, a headache was called a 'headache.' And now it's called 'a concussion.'

Tags: Football, Playing, Started

A lot of children can go back and look at their childhood and find reasons why it wasn't perfect. But why whine about something no one can fix? You deal with it.

Tags: Children, Perfect, Why

As a sophomore, I wanted to play varsity in three sports. And I accomplished that. It was a great feat that year, and something I held special. I wanted to bring a championship team to Oceanside High School, and it happened. It was a great year that I will never forget.

Tags: Great, School, Sports