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Lee Radziwill's Quotes

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Born: 1933-03-03
Profession: Celebrity
Nation: American
Biography of Lee Radziwill

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Decorating has always been my hobby.

Tags: Decorating, Hobby

Divorce is a 50-50 thing, and it can be a number of petty things that finally drive you out of your mind.

Tags: Divorce, Mind, Number

I eat like a horse; sometimes I think I must have cancer.

Tags: Cancer, Horse, Sometimes

I think there's nothing that makes you happier than to be really involved in something. I can't imagine a totally idle life.

Tags: Imagine, Life, Makes

I've always been interested in art, architecture, color.

Tags: Art, Color, Interested

If I see an orchid that's fantastically expensive, I'll buy it. It's worth it, for no other reason than it gives me pleasure.

Tags: Pleasure, Reason, Worth

Marriage is an extremely difficult relationship.

Tags: Difficult, Extremely, Marriage

My childhood taught me nothing... zero.

Tags: Childhood, Taught, Zero

One can't help but be a bit melancholy when you see how the world has changed, and I don't mean that nostalgically.

Tags: Bit, Help, Mean

Regrets? I think everyone has regrets, and people who say they haven't are either liars... or narcissists.

Tags: Everyone, Liars, Regrets

When I was married, I didn't work. When I had my children, I didn't work. But before that, I'd work for Diana Vreeland at 'Harper's Bazaar.'

Tags: Children, Married, Work

As a child, the person I admired most in the world was Lana Turner! She seemed the epitome of glamour, and her glitzy surroundings so enviable, the opposite of my mother's extremely banal taste.

Tags: Child, Her, Mother

I think grieving is the same for everybody that lost someone you love deeply. It's the same. You know, you're really no different than anybody else who's lost somebody they adored.

Tags: Lost, Love, Someone
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