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Neon Hitch's Quotes

Neon Hitch profile photo

Born: 1986-05-25
Profession: Musician
Nation: British
Biography of Neon Hitch

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Fitting in is unnecessary. Embrace who you are. You will go through rough times in high school, but always stay strong, and never deny yourself!

Tags: School, Strong, Yourself

I don't believe in trying to be somebody you're not - just be a bigger, better version of yourself.

Tags: Somebody, Trying, Yourself

I like to be wild, and I like to do wild, crazy things. I need excitement. At all times. Normal is not my type.

Tags: Crazy, Excitement, Times

I love to experiment with fashion. A lot of my inspiration comes from my mom. She is fearless with fashion! I love colors and anything daring.

Tags: Fashion, Love, Mom

I think redheads have more fun than blondes.

Tags: Blondes, Fun, Redheads

I was always a bit of a showgirl; it was in my blood. I never thought I would have a career as a singer, though.

Tags: Blood, Career, Thought

I'm a free spirit and that definitely comes from my upbringing, so it's definitely shaped me as an artist.

Tags: Artist, Free, Spirit

I'm out here to represent the gingers, the gypsies, and the outcasts. Because I am all of the above, and I'm all about having a great time.

Tags: Great, Here, Time

My ancestors are all crazy. My great-great-granddad, he was the last man to live in a cave in Nottingham.

Tags: Ancestors, Crazy, Last

The day I was born, my house burnt down; the day I left home, the Twin Towers burnt down; and I lived in a jungle in India at 15.

Tags: Born, Home, Left

There is a lot you don't know about me - a lot. I have definitely lived, that's for sure. I will just leave it at that.

Tags: Leave, Lived, Sure

Yes, it's my real name. I had to pull out my passport twice today to prove it.

Tags: Name, Real, Today

You can't party all the time - especially in January!

Tags: January, Party, Time

I didn't go to school, because I never stayed anywhere long enough, so I was completely closed off from the outside world. I had no idea about anything.

Tags: Enough, Off, School

I grew up in a bus, traveled with various circuses and freak shows. I was a trapeze artist, and that was my dream. We just traveled the whole world, me and my mom and my little brothers and sisters. It was an adventure.

Tags: Dream, Mom, Whole

I have a little gypsy palace here in New York. It's all mirrors, and I have my own garden. It's so secluded - the closest thing to a caravan I could find!

Tags: Garden, Here, York

I think for an artist it's really important to have experiences, and I've had a lot of those. It's definitely inspired my lyrics and my style, even down to what I wear.

Tags: Artist, Inspired, Style

I've lived in many things - boats, caravans, and buses. I've been homeless, I've had no money: everything. But I believe in magic, and having a vision. The tough times made me a warrior. I work hard.

Tags: Hard, Money, Work

I've never been able to relate to many people. I've always been the outcast child. I don't follow the rules. That's kind of how I do everything. Through my music, I've found a place in the world where I'm accepted, so I'm happy.

Tags: Happy, Music, Place

The trapeze was my first love. To me, it's normal. It's all I've ever known. But when I see other people's upbringings, I think, 'Hmm... mine was rather unconventional. Quite different!'

Tags: Love, Quite, Rather

What I really want to do is, first of all, get my music out to the world. And then I would really just like to reach other kids all over the world and tell them to believe in themselves and prove to people that you can do anything you want.

Tags: Kids, Music, Tell

You should hear what my parents wanted to call me. It was between Brown Rice, Neon Hitch and Z. Ziggurat Zanzibar Zandorf. I'm not joking. Imagine fitting that on my passport!

Tags: Between, Parents, Wanted
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