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Peter Hook's Quotes

Peter Hook profile photo

Born: 1956-02-13
Profession: Musician
Nation: English
Biography of Peter Hook

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The scary thing is when I did my set in Texas everyone was excited. The show was great. I was done and the next DJ put something on vinyl and the difference! The quality!!

Tags: Done, Great, Put

Sarcasm is a Manchester trait.

Tags: Manchester, Sarcasm, Trait

It's quite ironic I suppose, it's that thing about being in a group when you all start out as friends and then invariably end up hating each other. So I just thought they needed telling really, in case they were labouring under the apprehension that they were still friends.

Tags: End, Friends, Thought

I think that you have to bear in mind that music is about escape, and it's not unreasonable to think the music business would be based around escapism.

Tags: Business, Mind, Music

Actually when we stopped New Order I was busier than ever. The only gaps have been while we've been writing.

Tags: Actually, While, Writing

And they do tend to be fast and up, because that's how I like to drive.

Tags: Drive, Fast, Tend

Democracy for us tends to be has to do with who shouts the loudest!

Tags: Democracy, Loudest, Shouts

I think people expect mud at festivals, I think you'd be asking for your money back if you didn't get it.

Tags: Asking, Expect, Money

I'd rather have ten people who are mad for it than ten thousand who aren't.

Tags: Mad, Rather, Ten

It's the same misconception I used to have. I meet people and think they're millionaires and they're not.

Tags: Meet, Used

Nobody is the same. If we were all the same it would be bloody boring.

Tags: Bloody, Boring, Nobody

That's it really, at the moment I wouldn't say I was influenced by any one thing in particular.

Tags: Influenced, Moment, Particular

The chemistry involved made everything Factory did quite special.

Tags: Chemistry, Quite, Special

The fact is that you don't want to be away forever, but you want to lead a normal life.

Tags: Away, Fact, Life

There are seven songs finished and on par with any that are on Siren's.

Tags: Finished, Seven, Songs

We need to talk about what we are going to do and see and decide. We'll have to wait and see.

Tags: Decide, Talk, Wait

Yeah, I still feel as if I have things to do really. I'm not ready to stop.

Tags: Ready, Stop, Yeah

America stopped making vinyl and phased out the single but Germany held out and refused. Warner's never phased out vinyl in Germany. Now America imports it!

Tags: America, Making, Single

But then I quite enjoy when something goes wrong, because when I watch DJs that take it very seriously, it's nice when you make a mistake and laugh about it.

Tags: Enjoy, Laugh, Nice

They amaze me most of those remixes. Some of them are crap. But every time I complain, someone comes up and says they are for a different market that you don't understand. Some of the New Order ones are really great, though.

Tags: Great, Someone, Time

We don't to be some kind of rock supergroup for the sake of being a supergroup. You want to change things and say something fresh and new so you appeal to people as a new group.

Tags: Change, Group, Rock

We've had a problem finding a vocalist. We have not been lucky yet to find the one. I think the problem is that the three of us have such a pedigree of vocalist, that if we come out with someone that's not good we'll obviously be slated!

Tags: Good, Problem, Someone

When you balance it against New Order, New Order don't work or tour relentlessly. We definitely work in our own way and sometimes it's a bit too slow for me, so I like to plan ahead and fill my time up.

Tags: Sometimes, Time, Work
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