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Caroline Wozniacki's Quotes

Caroline Wozniacki profile photo

Born: 1990-07-11
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Danish
Biography of Caroline Wozniacki

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The fact is I still have quite a few good years in front of me. I still improve.

Tags: Fact, Few, Good

The only one I feel pressure from is myself to go and give my all for every match and, obviously, I'm a competitor.

Tags: Give, Match, Pressure

There are a lot of things to my game I can still improve, but everyone can.

Tags: Everyone, Game, Improve

There are so many tough opponents out there and tough competitors so I've never liked to look ahead.

Tags: Liked, Tough

To be the world No. 1 has always been a dream for me.

Tags: Dream

You can't dwell in your past but move forward, look forward. That's it.

Tags: Forward, Move, Past

You feel better about yourself when you do something with yourself. You also feel more confident.

Tags: Confident, Yourself

Young players are starting to come up as well and they will see me as one of the older, experienced ones.

Tags: Older, Players, Young

Golf can be tougher than tennis when things go wrong, because you can't explain things by saying that your opponent played better than you. It's a cruel sport in that way.

Tags: Golf, Saying, Wrong

I don't know, I always get the question 'how do you feel after the game today?' and, of course, if you're winning you feel great and if you lose you don't feel good. I think that's a pretty obvious question.

Tags: Good, Great, Today

I don't really spend money like crazy. I buy what I need and what I really want, and if I'm buying expensive things I do think about the purchase many times before I buy it.

Tags: Crazy, Money, Times

I try to be myself and, of course, be a good role model. I don't really find it hard, but you think about what you do and that other people look up to you.

Tags: Good, Hard, Try

My parents paid me small amounts for cleaning my room or cleaning the dishes and stuff, but I never really had a real job before I started on my professional tennis career.

Tags: Job, Parents, Real

One day my dad would say, 'OK, if you want to play tennis I can help you out.' And that's how it started. And I had a goal. I wanted to beat my mom first. And my parents and my brother. And that was the ultimate goal.

Tags: Dad, Mom, Parents

I never give up. Doesn't matter what the score is.

Tags: Give, Matter, Score

I think I'm a really tough player.

Tags: Player, Tough

I'd like to do a lot of things - whether in design or architecture or business.

Tags: Business, Design, Whether

On grass, it can be the small things that decide a match.

Tags: Decide, Grass, Small

I think that's my personality, to have a good laugh and not to take myself too seriously. And of course I have my things on the court but when I'm off the court I just like to have fun.

Tags: Fun, Good, Laugh

As long as I win I'm doing something right.

Tags: Win

I do my best, and that's all I can do.

Tags: Best

I feel like everything is possible.

Tags: Possible

I have a really wide range of interests and I've still got time to work out my exact direction.

Tags: Direction, Time, Work
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I have a very close relationship with my parents.

Tags: Close, Parents

I have nothing to lose and think that it's a positive thing that I am young and playing on a good level.

Tags: Good, Positive, Young

I just go out there and fight for every point, and then we see how far I can go.

Tags: Far, Fight, Point

I just like being around people, especially nice people, and there are a lot of nice girls on tour.

Tags: Nice, Tour

I like to be with my friends and my family, listen to music and read books. Things like that relax me.

Tags: Family, Friends, Music

I like Twitter a lot. It is a great way to get the fans knowing another side of you.

Tags: Another, Great, Knowing

I love winning. I don't like losing.

Tags: Losing, Love, Winning

I start laughing every time because the media talks to me like I'm finishing my career and I only have one year left and time is running out.

Tags: Career, Start, Time

I used to always be the young one playing without pressure, but I am just happy to be where I am and enjoying my time.

Tags: Happy, Time, Young

I'm just taking one match at a time.

Tags: Match, Taking, Time

I'm the type of player I am.

Tags: Player, Type

In Denmark lots of people come up to me for autographs.

Tags: Autographs, Denmark, Lots

It's very expensive to be a professional tennis player with all the travel and the flights and the hotels and everything.

Tags: Player, Tennis, Travel

My dad has always been my coach. And I've spent so much time with him. So he's one of my best friends. And I can talk to him about everything.

Tags: Best, Dad, Time

My mom was always the support. I can always go out to her and she'll always find the positive in things.

Tags: Her, Mom, Positive

My parents just always taught me to be reasonable.

Tags: Parents, Reasonable, Taught
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