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Eli Wallach's Quotes

Eli Wallach profile photo

Born: 1915-12-07
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Eli Wallach

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What is it in my makeup that makes me grab any offer and fly around the world? Will I ever be satisfied? Can't I ever just rest?

Tags: Makes, Makeup, Rest

When you have to shoot, shoot, don't talk.

Tags: Shoot, Talk

Yes, I won the Bafta. I thought the British were very intelligent.

Tags: Thought, Won, Yes

I met my wife and, for the next ten years, we did no films at all. She did the first movie and then I did several after. My first movie was written by Tennessee Williams and directed by Kazan and was called Baby Doll.

Tags: After, She, Wife

I'd come out of the army after five years as a medic. I was a medical administrator and we ran hospitals, and I was a Captain in the army at the end, in 1945.

Tags: After, End, Medical

John Huston was a superb master. He knew how to make good films. I did three things with him. One is called Independence. It plays in Philadelphia, for free. It's been playing there for 25 years.

Tags: Free, Good, Him

My wife says that stage acting is like being on a tightrope with no net, and being in the movies, there is a net - because you stop and go over it again. It's very technical and mechanical. On stage you're on your own.

Tags: Acting, Movies, Wife

So I wanted to show what I did with the money. So I got red silk shirts, beautiful hats, wonderful saddles, a great horse, and two gold teeth. So that was the way I did it.

Tags: Beautiful, Great, Money

Well, I go to the theater today, and its curtain - there is no curtain in this play; the lights go down and go up - and we start. And I live this character for two hours. There are only two of us in the play. And It's a complete experience.

Tags: Character, Experience, Today

Well, I was getting a lot of money then, and I wasn't getting any Hollywood films, so I just did those. I'd always do a play in between. Whenever I ran low on funds, I'd always rush off to do a movie somewhere.

Tags: Between, Money, Off

I've learned that life is very tricky business: Each person needs to find what they want to do in life and not be dissuaded when people question them.

Tags: Business, Learned, Life

Having the critics praise you is like having the hangman say you've got a pretty neck.

Tags: Critics, Praise, Pretty

When I saw the movie, I said, I wish I had heard the music. I would have ridden the horse differently.

Tags: Music, Said, Wish

And I did Batman, too. I did Mr. Freeze. I get more mail for him than anything I've ever done.

Tags: Batman, Done, Him

But Clint I love, because Clint was my mentor. I knew nothing about making an Italian movie.

Tags: Love, Making, Movie

I've never lost my appetite for acting; it's innovative and challenging.

Tags: Acting, Innovative, Lost

All of these stories bounced around in my mind for a long time.

Tags: Mind, Stories, Time

And that movie was underrated - Nuts - because it deals with a terrible subject, but It's very well done.

Tags: Done, Movie, Terrible

And then the first was The Misfits, which I enjoyed very much, with Marilyn and Gable.

Tags: Enjoyed, Marilyn, Misfits

But I went to the University of Texas in the 30s, and while there I learned to ride. Mostly polo ponies.

Tags: Learned, Texas, While

Even if I don't want to slow down, I'm slowing down.

Tags: Slow, Slowing

Everyone thinks acting is easy. It's far from easy, but it's the most gratifying thing I do.

Tags: Acting, Easy, Everyone

I always end up being the evil one, and I wouldn't hurt a fly.

Tags: End, Evil, Hurt
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I always wanted to tell stories and act.

Tags: Act, Tell, Wanted

I love to tell stories and this is my way of getting them down on paper.

Tags: Getting, Love, Tell

I never dreamed I would do Westerns.

Tags: Dreamed, Westerns

I never lost my appetite for acting.

Tags: Acting, Appetite, Lost

I was an original member of the Actors' Studio.

Tags: Member, Original, Studio

I've worked with wonderful actors like Marlon Brando and Henry Fonda.

Tags: Brando, Wonderful, Worked

My first Western was called The Magnificent Seven.

Tags: Seven, Western

One thing changes every evening: It's the audience, and I'm working my magic. I'm always learning from it.

Tags: Evening, Learning, Working

The big secret in acting is listening to people.

Tags: Acting, Big, Secret

The trouble with that movie is that you had to see Chinatown the day before you saw The Two Jakes.

Tags: Chinatown, Movie, Trouble

This country has a complex about age. It's unbelievable. If you're over thirty, you've had it in this country.

Tags: Age, Complex, Country

Well, I've maybe gotten 200 requests for interviews about Marilyn, and I just decided I'm gonna do my own.

Tags: Decided, Gonna, Maybe
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