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Seven Quotes

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I've got a fastball, change-up, forkball, curve, slider, knuckle-slider, knuckle-curve, I had about seven pitches I could have used at any time.

Tags: Time, Used  ✍ Author: Chili Davis

Nothing has changed in our relationship with East West. We have no relationship with East West. We've been withholding our labour for almost seven years now.

Tags: Almost, Changed  ✍ Author: Andrew Eldritch

I was at an acting academy for seven years prior to the trial.

Tags: Acting, Trial  ✍ Author: Kato Kaelin

I have seven rescue dogs.

Tags: Dogs, Rescue  ✍ Author: Johann Heinrich Lambert

But when I was seven or eight, I did my first little piece of acting.

Tags: Acting, Piece  ✍ Author: Frank Langella

My mother left me for seven years in an orphanage.

Tags: Left, Mother  ✍ Author: Vidal Sassoon

My first Western was called The Magnificent Seven.

Tags: Western  ✍ Author: Eli Wallach

I always have a backlog of like seven movies that I want to make.

Tags: Movies  ✍ Author: Benh Zeitlin

For me it's a simple sport and a simple way to live these seven or eight years of maximum sport.

Tags: Eight, Simple  ✍ Author: Fernando Alonso

Where studious of ease, I slumbered seven years, and then lost by degrees.

Tags: Ease, Lost  ✍ Author: Christopher Anstey

I'll prove in only seven days that I can make you a new man.

Tags: Days, Prove  ✍ Author: Charles Atlas

I have the life of seven cats.

Tags: Cats, Life  ✍ Author: Mikhail Baryshnikov

Christ, seven years of college, down the drain.

Tags: Christ, College  ✍ Author: John Belushi

In daytime, they're doing 50-60 pages a day, whereas nighttime, you do seven or eight.

Tags: Daytime, Eight  ✍ Author: Corbin Bernsen

Right before Mag Seven I did a movie called The Bull Rider.

Tags: Bull, Movie  ✍ Author: Michael Biehn

My first account was Neiman Marcus. I cold-called them just like I had cold-called businesses when I was selling fax machines for seven years.

Tags: Machines, Selling  ✍ Author: Sara Blakely

Elves have this superhuman strength, yet they're so graceful. Tolkien created them to be angelic spirits, but I also saw Legolas as something out of the Seven Samurai.

Tags: Spirits, Strength  ✍ Author: Orlando Bloom

These days, to be seven years in one spot in any pro sport is a pretty long tenure.

Tags: Days, Pretty  ✍ Author: Andrew Bogut

They cut about seven minutes from that broadcast, but it was still vital to the story's momentum.

Tags: Cut, Story  ✍ Author: Ben Bradlee

On one occasion I shared a bed with about seven other people, but we were all having a party overnight.

Tags: Bed, Party  ✍ Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley

I'm a widower with three sons and seven grandchildren. One of my sons is my partner on the ranch.

Tags: Partner, Three  ✍ Author: Wilford Brimley

We were all ruled by the studio system. I signed a contract for seven years.

Tags: Studio, System  ✍ Author: Leslie Caron

I had probably seven agents by the time I became a legitimate real estate broker.

Tags: Real, Time  ✍ Author: Barbara Corcoran

I enjoyed seven years at Wimbledon and there were high and low points.

Tags: Enjoyed, High  ✍ Author: Kenny Cunningham

I have four children and I have seven grandkids.

Tags: Children, Four  ✍ Author: Dick Van Dyke
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I myself scraped seven poor passes at O-level.

Tags: Passes, Poor  ✍ Author: James Dyson

All of my marriages lasted seven years.

Tags: Lasted, Marriages  ✍ Author: Elliott Erwitt

I went to boarding school at seven and cried and cried.

Tags: Cried, School  ✍ Author: Rupert Everett

I've been an assistant for seven years now and I haven't had one head coaching interview. I'm doing something wrong.

Tags: Head, Wrong  ✍ Author: Patrick Ewing

When I was seven or eight I was really into Cream, really into Led Zeppelin.

Tags: Cream, Eight  ✍ Author: Jon Fishman

When people pile seven things onto one burger, it drives me nuts!

Tags: Burger, Nuts  ✍ Author: Bobby Flay

Naturally we would prefer seven epiphanies a day and an earth not so apparently devoid of angels.

Tags: Angels, Earth  ✍ Author: Jim Harrison

Sabrina ran for seven years with a different director every week.

Tags: Director, Week  ✍ Author: Melissa Joan Hart

The world's richest half billion people - that's about seven per cent of the global population - are responsible for fifty per cent of the world's emissions.

Tags: Half, Population  ✍ Author: Howard Hodgkin

There are seven songs finished and on par with any that are on Siren's.

Tags: Finished, Songs  ✍ Author: Peter Hook

Going back to Ireland involves at least six to seven emotional breakdowns for me per day.

Tags: Emotional, Six  ✍ Author: Anjelica Huston

I went to sleep away camp seven years in a row. I was such a pro.

Tags: Away, Sleep  ✍ Author: Joe Jonas

I have examined the stomach contents of seven aardvarks.

Tags: Contents, Stomach  ✍ Author: Louis Leakey

For seven years, I was in this fishbowl with this intensity, with all the stuff that went on with the Mets.

Tags: Intensity, Stuff  ✍ Author: Al Leiter

Before the eighth grade, I probably went to seven or eight different schools.

Tags: Grade, Schools  ✍ Author: Jeremy London

I like to know where I'm going to be at seven o'clock.

Tags: Clock  ✍ Author: Andrea Martin

No man could be equipped for the presidency if he has never been tempted by one of the seven cardinal sins.

Tags: Presidency, Sins  ✍ Author: Eugene McCarthy

I have no trouble with the twelve inches between my elbow and my palm. It's the seven inches between my ears that's bent.

Tags: Between, Trouble  ✍ Author: Tug McGraw

Seven out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.

Tags: Away, Homeless  ✍ Author: Pras Michel

I have seven scars from having moles removed. One was a melanoma, six were precancerous. Get your moles checked!

Tags: Scars, Six  ✍ Author: Jennifer Morrison

Omaha, like Rome, is built on seven hills.

Tags: Hills, Rome  ✍ Author: Alexander Payne

Those seven years in the cloister were the key to my life.

Tags: Key, Life  ✍ Author: Abbe Pierre

I work really long days and I work seven day weeks.

Tags: Days, Work  ✍ Author: Francine Prose

One in seven Americans, including more than 8 million children, does not have even basic healthcare coverage.

Tags: Children, Million  ✍ Author: Dave Reichert

When I was 12, I forgot the keys to my parent's apartment. So I simply climbed up seven floors to get in.

Tags: Parent, Simply  ✍ Author: Alain Robert

I would defy people to find a more beautifully developed character than Seven of Nine.

Tags: Character, Defy  ✍ Author: Jeri Ryan

Let's put it this way, I like number seven.

Tags: Number, Put  ✍ Author: Michael Schumacher

I'm the youngest of seven kids.

Tags: Kids, Youngest  ✍ Author: Seann William Scott

People always come up to me and say, Oh, you're Chloe Se-VIG-ny, right? Sevigny. Number seven, letter e.

Tags: Number, Oh  ✍ Author: Chloe Sevigny

I was a member of the Politburo for seven years, a foreign minister.

Tags: Foreign, Member  ✍ Author: Robert E. Sherwood

Mohammed personally mapped out seven heavens. If he got to seven, you know there's more.

Tags: Heavens, Mohammed  ✍ Author: Patti Smith

One time they traded me for seven horses. Seven stunt horses.

Tags: Stunt, Time  ✍ Author: James Stewart

For seven years I did very little theatre, and I have to make up some time.

Tags: Theatre, Time  ✍ Author: Patrick Stewart

Because of Mozart, it's all over after the age of seven.

Tags: After, Age  ✍ Author: Wendy Wasserstein

I was sponsored when I was about seven by Burton Snowboards.

Tags: Sponsored  ✍ Author: Shaun White

There's that old adage about how there's only seven plots in the world and Shakespeare's done them all before.

Tags: Done, Old  ✍ Author: Simon Winchester

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