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Jean-Marc Ayrault's Quotes

Jean-Marc Ayrault profile photo

Born: 1950-01-25
Profession: Politician
Nation: French
Biography of Jean-Marc Ayrault

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I'm not dogmatic.

Tags: Dogmatic

The only thing that preoccupies me is that France has broken down, and we need to start up the engine again - all the way. But not so as to run into a wall.

Tags: Again, Broken, Start

Things are never perfect, so I never get too high about things, or get too down about things anymore.

Tags: Anymore, High, Perfect

I always take things step by step and match by match.

Tags: Match, Step

I don't really care how I sound.

Tags: Care, Sound

I feel like when the task is more difficult for me it's more exciting.

Tags: Difficult, Exciting, Task

I have learned how to better handle things as they come.

Tags: Handle, Learned

I just want to have fun.

Tags: Fun

I like to go shopping, to the movies, all the girl stuff. Just a normal girl.

Tags: Girl, Movies, Stuff

I love New York. It's one of my favorite cities.

Tags: Favorite, Love, York

I love the game and I am so lucky to be able to do what I love.

Tags: Able, Game, Love

I'll never be like a Barbie girl, that's for sure.

Tags: Barbie, Girl, Sure

I'm always honest.

Tags: Honest

I'm not a big fan of watching my matches.

Tags: Big, Fan, Watching

My grandmother is the person who inspires me the most.

Tags: Inspires

You cannot be in pretend for people to like you.

Tags: Cannot, Pretend

You know, I think I'm the worst player to talk to about statistics.

Tags: Player, Talk, Worst

I was missing out on a lot of things that my friends were doing, but in another way, they were missing things I was doing. It was kind of a trade-off I had to make.

Tags: Another, Friends, Missing

There are so many steps you have to go through to reach a high level, so you're kind of building your own, I would say, mountain. You have to go piece by piece by piece. When you're young and really ambitious, you want to jump right up. It kind of teaches you a lesson, I would say.

Tags: High, Level, Young
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