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Melissa Joan Hart's Quotes

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Born: 1976-04-18
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Melissa Joan Hart

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I'm not a happy-ending person. I want to know what happens once Cinderella rides off with Prince Charming.

Tags: Happens, Off, Once

I rescued a dog. It was a beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful, Dog, Rescued

Eventually, everyone said, Why don't you direct? It would save time. And that's how it started.

Tags: Said, Time, Why

Every prop, every shot, every pearl that rolled across the floor was exactly how I wanted it to be.

Tags: Floor, Shot, Wanted

I didn't get married. I do have a boyfriend. We live together.

Tags: Boyfriend, Married, Together

I don't know enough about daytime, I think, to say anything.

Tags: Daytime, Enough

I don't think I'm great at acting. I think I'm great at directing.

Tags: Acting, Directing, Great

I have six sisters, so I assumed I'd have a girl. Learning I was having a boy was really weird.

Tags: Girl, Learning, Weird

I hope to do films. Right now I'm just doing projects that are interesting.

Tags: Films, Hope, Projects

I love directing. It's where my heart is, and it's the way my mind works.

Tags: Heart, Love, Mind

I think a lot of the problem is that at 8 o'clock there's nothing on for kids.

Tags: Clock, Kids, Problem

I used to go to school in Manhattan with a bunch of the City Kids.

Tags: Kids, School, Used

I'd always done family-friendly stuff. I wanted to do a film where I could show my darker side and make people uncomfortable.

Tags: Done, Show, Wanted

I'm calling from my car, I'm sorry, I'm like running around like crazy.

Tags: Car, Crazy, Sorry

I'm singing background on one of Blondie's songs on her new album.

Tags: Her, Singing, Songs

Kids aren't going to understand single life in New York City.

Tags: Life, Single, Understand

My career has always revolved around what I do and don't want my sisters and brothers seeing me doing.

Tags: Brothers, Career, Seeing

Sabrina ran for seven years with a different director every week.

Tags: Director, Seven, Week

The whole reason Sabrina came about was because we wanted something good for families to watch on TV.

Tags: Good, Reason, Wanted

There was a big question as to whether or not different generations have grown up differently.

Tags: Big, Question, Whether

This is the first time in my life I've had hair this short. It's always been down to my waist. I can't hide behind my hair any more.

Tags: Life, Short, Time

Tune in to Kids and Family Week is perfect for me.

Tags: Family, Kids, Perfect

When I first got pregnant, I freaked out. Then I had to remind myself: I'm turning 30.

Tags: Pregnant, Remind, Turning
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If I'm going to do something a little bit more adult, I'll do it if it's going to be on at a different time slot or if it's going to be something that kids won't be able to get their hands on.

Tags: Able, Kids, Time

In the Emperor's New Clothes, they got a different celebrity to do each voice. They drew up a picture of each character and then each actor wrote their own part.

Tags: Actor, Character, Picture