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Tolerate Quotes

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I tolerate lactose like I tolerate people.

 ✍ Author: Larry David

Neurosis is the inability to tolerate ambiguity.

Tags: Ambiguity, Inability  ✍ Author: Sigmund Freud

I respect only those who resist me, but I cannot tolerate them.

Tags: Cannot, Respect  ✍ Author: Charles de Gaulle

We tolerate shapes in human beings that would horrify us if we saw them in a horse.

Tags: Horse, Human  ✍ Author: Dean Inge

Rudeness is something I just can't tolerate.

Tags: Rudeness  ✍ Author: Phil Ramone

We don't protect our young, and we tolerate predators of our own species.

Tags: Protect, Young  ✍ Author: Andrew Vachss

We must not tolerate oppressive government or industrial oligarchy in the form of monopolies and cartels.

Tags: Government, Industrial  ✍ Author: Henry A. Wallace

Clever people will recognize and tolerate nothing but cleverness.

Tags: Clever, Cleverness  ✍ Author: Henri Frederic Amiel

I don't think Americans would tolerate profiling.

Tags: Profiling  ✍ Author: Jan Brewer

I am proud to be Chinese, and I do not tolerate any traitor.

Tags: Proud, Traitor  ✍ Author: Alex Chiu

I tolerate my faults but not at all other people's.

Tags: Faults  ✍ Author: Camille Claudel

The rate at which a person can mature is directly proportional to the embarrassment he can tolerate.

Tags: Directly, Mature  ✍ Author: Douglas Engelbart

You have to be able to tolerate what you don't necessarily like so you can be free.

Tags: Able, Free  ✍ Author: Larry Flynt

I won't tolerate lying.

Tags: Lying, Won  ✍ Author: Vito Fossella

No, I don't tolerate pressure from anyone about anything.

Tags: Anyone, Pressure  ✍ Author: Ashley Judd

If something strikes me as insane and unjust, I cannot tolerate that.

Tags: Cannot, Insane  ✍ Author: Ron Perlman

Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth.

Tags: Fortitude, Wealth  ✍ Author: Jean Rostand

Human beings tolerate what they understand they have to tolerate.

Tags: Human, Understand  ✍ Author: Jane Rule

I don't think there's a subject matter that can't absorb 3-D; that can't tolerate the addition of depth as a storytelling technique.

Tags: Matter, Subject  ✍ Author: Martin Scorsese

The people of our state will no longer tolerate advocates of treason.

Tags: Longer, State  ✍ Author: George Smathers

All imperfection is easier to tolerate if served up in small doses.

Tags: Easier, Small  ✍ Author: Wislawa Szymborska

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