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Invention Quotes

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My country has contrived for me the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived.

Tags: Country, Office  ✍ Author: John Adams

O! for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention.

Tags: Fire, Heaven  ✍ Author: William Shakespeare

Doubt is the father of invention.

Tags: Doubt, Father  ✍ Author: Ambrose Bierce

Necessity, the mother of invention.

Tags: Mother, Necessity  ✍ Author: King Farouk

I believe that life-saving, essential drugs should be freely available and the innovator should be paid a suitable royalty payment for his invention.

Tags: Essential, Paid  ✍ Author: Philip Gilbert Hamerton

Feminine virtue is nothing but a convenient masculine invention.

Tags: Feminine, Virtue  ✍ Author: Louis L\'Amour

Some people really want to play Mozart and be just performers. I was more interested in invention.

Tags: Interested, Performers  ✍ Author: Steve Lacy

I said I have no powers of invention. Well, I also have no powers of mimicry.

Tags: Powers, Said  ✍ Author: Norman MacCaig

Afternoon classes - that evil invention!

Tags: Afternoon, Evil  ✍ Author: John Gresham Machen

Melodic invention is one of the surest signs of a divine gift.

Tags: Divine, Gift  ✍ Author: Gustav Mahler

Never keep a line of retreat: it is a wretched invention.

Tags: Keep, Line  ✍ Author: Fridtjof Nansen

An invention has to make sense in the world it finishes in, not in the world it started.

Tags: Sense, Started  ✍ Author: Tim O\'Reilly

Necessity... the mother of invention.

Tags: Mother, Necessity  ✍ Author: Sylvia Plath

I've never had plastic surgery, but if they made a new invention for making people taller, I'd be the first to have the surgery.

Tags: Making, Plastic  ✍ Author: Alanna Ubach

Invention is the mother of necessity.

Tags: Mother, Necessity  ✍ Author: Thorstein Veblen

The concept of war crimes is an American invention.

Tags: American, War  ✍ Author: George Wald

Our ability to create has outreached our ability to use wisely the products of our invention.

Tags: Ability, Create  ✍ Author: Whitney M. Young

All perceiving is also thinking, all reasoning is also intuition, all observation is also invention.

Tags: Intuition, Thinking  ✍ Author: Rudolf Arnheim

The thriller is not a recent invention. It probably goes back to the dawn of storytelling.

Tags: Dawn, Goes  ✍ Author: Julia Child

I believe food is the most brilliant invention ever.

Tags: Brilliant, Food  ✍ Author: Helena Christensen

The real abhorrent consequence of the invention of atomic bombs is the fact that we still have them and they're spreading.

Tags: Fact, Real  ✍ Author: Barry Commoner

What we were in on, really, was the invention of animation.

Tags: Animation  ✍ Author: Marc Davis

The rate of human invention is faster, and the rate of cultural loss is slower, in areas occupied by many competing societies with many individuals and in contact with societies elsewhere.

Tags: Human, Loss  ✍ Author: Jared Diamond

I've got a new invention. It's a revolving bowl for tired goldfish.

Tags: Pet, Tired  ✍ Author: Lefty Gomez

The market is not an invention of capitalism. It has existed for centuries. It is an invention of civilization.

Tags: Capitalism, Market  ✍ Author: Alison Gopnik
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You can't name the inventor of the camera. The 19th-century invention was chemical: the fixative.

Tags: Camera, Name  ✍ Author: David Hockney

No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.

Tags: Essential, Replace  ✍ Author: Edward Hopper

We should have more invention.

 ✍ Author: Nathan Myhrvold

I'm one of the first invention capitalists.

 ✍ Author: Nathan Myhrvold

Intellectual Ventures is a company that invests in invention.

Tags: Company, Ventures  ✍ Author: Nathan Myhrvold

Architecture is invention.

Tags: Architecture  ✍ Author: Oscar Niemeyer

You know when civilization began? With the invention of the mirror.

Tags: Began, Mirror  ✍ Author: Shimon Peres

Invention, strictly speaking, is little more than a new combination of those images which have been previously gathered and deposited in the memory; nothing can come of nothing.

Tags: Memory, Speaking  ✍ Author: Joshua Reynolds

It is an invention of the devil, an infernal falsity for the destruction of all Christianity.

Tags: Devil, Falsity  ✍ Author: Michael Servetus

Invention, it must be humbly admitted, does not consist in creating out of void, but out of chaos.

Tags: Chaos, Creating  ✍ Author: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Destiny is the invention of the cowardly, and the resigned.

Tags: Cowardly, Destiny  ✍ Author: Ignazio Silone

And the invention of transformations of certain figures has become the most important in musical composition.

Tags: Become, Musical  ✍ Author: Karlheinz Stockhausen

But I'm an adventurer. I like invention, I like discovery.

Tags: Adventurer, Discovery  ✍ Author: Karlheinz Stockhausen

The right of an inventor to his invention is no monopoly - in any other sense than a man's house is a monopoly.

Tags: House, Sense  ✍ Author: Daniel Webster
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