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Robin Day's Quotes

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Born: 1923-10-23
Profession: Journalist
Nation: British
Biography of Robin Day

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But I think it's important that things endure.

Tags: Endure

Commerce is against morality. Morality is going to lose every time.

Tags: Against, Lose, Time

I can't climb very seriously now but I was a bit of a freak.

Tags: Bit, Freak, Seriously

I think and hope there are far more people aware of the need to look after our future.

Tags: After, Future, Hope

I think the first things that are relevant are that things should work well; they should function.

Tags: Function, Relevant, Work

I would think twice about designing stuff for which there was no need and which didn't endure.

Tags: Design, Stuff, Twice

I'm pretty much a vegetarian.

Tags: Pretty, Vegetarian

I've always walked and climbed; spent a lot of time in the arctic and places.

Tags: Arctic, Places, Time

No one ever contributed anything to my designs.

Tags: Designs

We used to get published a lot. And there was this vodka advertisement... it embarrassed me a lot afterwards.

Tags: Afterwards, Used, Vodka

Well the most successful of course was this Polypropylene chair.

Tags: Chair, Successful

Well, I'd probably go for any work I could get.

Tags: Work

You've got to build a career and a practice.

Tags: Build, Career, Practice

I think it's really important to use your hands and get close to materials. To be up close to real things like rain and mud; to have contact with nature.

Tags: Nature, Rain, Real

I think there's a tendency for modern man to become dominated by gadgets and machines, taking us further and further away from the things I've been talking about.

Tags: Away, Become, Talking

I'm not against vodka - they just asked us. They put out some story about us entertaining international celebrities with vodka, which of course wasn't true.

Tags: Against, Put, True

Magazines and advertising are flogging the idea that you have to keep changing things and get something new. I think that's balls - evil. But obviously that's your livelihood.

Tags: Evil, Idea, Keep

There's this very vulnerable planet of ours with finite resources. Architects and designers have, I think, a fair responsibility for conserving energy and materials, and making things durable.

Tags: Energy, Fair, Making
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