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Standing Quotes

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I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

Tags: Banking, Dangerous  ✍ Author: Thomas Jefferson

What an elder sees sitting; the young can't see standing.

Tags: Sitting, Young  ✍ Author: Gustave Flaubert

We looked at each other standing on the podium, and I think we all were tearing up. But we had to keep it cool. I think we did. Then we let out a breath.

Tags: Cool, Keep  ✍ Author: Michael Irvin

I'm still standing up there tall and strong every night that I perform.

Tags: Night, Strong  ✍ Author: Patti LaBelle

People who work sitting down get paid more than people who work standing up.

Tags: Paid, Work  ✍ Author: Ogden Nash

My daughter is in the lawsuit because you need that for standing.

Tags: Daughter, Lawsuit  ✍ Author: Michael Newdow

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

Tags: Others, Seen  ✍ Author: Isaac Newton

An Englishmen thinks seated; a Frenchmen standing; an American pacing, an Irishman, afterwards.

Tags: American, Thinks  ✍ Author: Kevin O\'Leary

Well, I've had a long standing relationship with Gatorade and they've been very, very good to me. And I believe in their products, I really do. I've used them for many, many years.

Tags: Good, Used  ✍ Author: Bill Parcells

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.

Tags: Forward, Ways  ✍ Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt

You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.

Tags: Sea, Water  ✍ Author: Rabindranath Tagore

It becomes an emperor to die standing.

Tags: Die, Emperor  ✍ Author: Elena Vesnina

Standing up and teaching is grueling, but grueling fun.

Tags: Fun, Teaching  ✍ Author: Charles E. Young

I'm standing for real freedom.

Tags: Freedom, Real  ✍ Author: Todd Akin

If Rosa Parks had taken a poll before she sat down in the bus in Montgomery, she'd still be standing.

Tags: She, Taken  ✍ Author: Marion Berry

Say you were standing with one foot in the oven and one foot in an ice bucket. According to the percentage people, you would be perfectly comfortable.

Tags: Foot, Ice  ✍ Author: Bobby Bragan

In TV, you always feel you are standing on the tracks of an oncoming train.

Tags: Train, Tv  ✍ Author: Tina Brown

A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling 'Stop!'

Tags: History, Stop  ✍ Author: William F. Buckley, Jr.

A dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant may see farther than a giant himself.

Tags: Himself, May  ✍ Author: Robert Burton

People don't know what it's like standing up there onstage, when you have a wall of people smiling at you.

Tags: Smiling, Wall  ✍ Author: Dave Chappelle

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.

Tags: Ideas, Progress  ✍ Author: Shirley Chisholm

Television is more interesting than people. If it were not we should have people standing in the corner of our room.

Tags: Room, Television  ✍ Author: Alan Coren

I think there's true drama in the formation of everything that we know and are standing on the shoulders of.

Tags: Drama, True  ✍ Author: Kevin Costner

Intimate scenes on a movie set are just dry, bizarre things; people standing around.

Tags: Intimate, Movie  ✍ Author: Daniel Craig

It's insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams.

Tags: Dreams, Insecurity  ✍ Author: Vin Diesel
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There's too much insecurity on studio sets, with all the people standing around, whispering.

Tags: Insecurity, Studio  ✍ Author: Illeana Douglas

The curtains would open and it would be just her standing in some ludicrous pose, like Aphrodite.

Tags: Her, Open  ✍ Author: Lesley-Anne Down

I've always had this thing where I can't stop. I hate standing still.

Tags: Hate, Stop  ✍ Author: Charlie Fink

The 90's are the 60's standing on their head.

Tags: Head  ✍ Author: Wavy Gravy

All on-set kisses are weird, no matter who it is, especially with people standing around coughing and sneezing. It's very uncomfortable!

Tags: Matter, Weird  ✍ Author: Bella Heathcote

Regarding the Panama Canal Treaty negotiations, they will find us standing up or dead, but never on our knees; NEVER!

Tags: Dead, Panama  ✍ Author: Omar Torrijos Herrera

I was just standing around and suddenly I was cast as an extra. I hated it because I was so shy.

Tags: Shy, Suddenly  ✍ Author: Dwayne Hickman

I will never apologize for standing up for my fellow Teamsters and all American workers.

Tags: American, Apologize  ✍ Author: James P. Hoffa

The Wall will be standing in 50 and even in 100 years, if the reasons for it are not removed.

Tags: Reasons, Wall  ✍ Author: Erich Honecker

What people say behind your back is your standing in the community.

Tags: Behind, Community  ✍ Author: E. W. Howe

I very much prefer the balance in a scene to standing out and so you have to make a decision.

Tags: Balance, Decision  ✍ Author: William Hurt

If you were the only suspect in a senseless bloodbath, would you be standing the the horror section?

Tags: Horror, Suspect  ✍ Author: Jamie Kennedy

I find standing and posing for photos very awkward.

Tags: Awkward, Photos  ✍ Author: Nicole Kidman

I'm so uncoordinated, I can't really do that much, so my specialty is standing in one spot or holding on to something, like an exploding rocket or a jetski.

Tags: Holding, Rocket  ✍ Author: Johnny Knoxville

I am a tariff man, standing on a tariff platform.

Tags: Platform, Tariff  ✍ Author: William McKinley

The despotism of custom is everywhere the standing hindrance to human advancement.

Tags: Hindrance, Human  ✍ Author: John Stuart Mill

Radiative transfer calculations I can do standing on my head.

Tags: Head, Transfer  ✍ Author: Christopher Monckton

Eternity: a moment standing still for ever.

Tags: Eternity, Moment  ✍ Author: George Montgomery

I am a member of the rabble in good standing.

Tags: Good, Member  ✍ Author: Westbrook Pegler

Unlike Mitt Romney, President Obama is standing up for Planned Parenthood.

Tags: Obama, President  ✍ Author: Bev Perdue

Being an occupier is not good for anybody's global standing. It is a catalyst for terrorist recruitment.

Tags: Anybody, Good  ✍ Author: Samantha Power

I was standing on the deck of the USS Blue, a destroyer. We were all alone out there at this buoy, tied up.

Tags: Alone, Blue  ✍ Author: Barney Ross

Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly.

Tags: Acting, Turning  ✍ Author: Rosalind Russell

I am now standing in a mixture of cooling fluid, gasoline, and cola.

Tags: Cooling, Gasoline  ✍ Author: Adam Savage

The noise resembles the roar of heavy, distant surf. Standing on the stirring ice one can imagine it is disturbed by the breathing and tossing of a mighty giant below.

Tags: Heavy, Imagine  ✍ Author: Ernest Shackleton

There's no such thing as 'facts of life'. Only standing theories that haven't been disproved as of yet.

Tags: Facts, Life  ✍ Author: Antje Traue

Most stuff you can do standing on your head.

Tags: Head, Stuff  ✍ Author: Tom Wilkinson

The average man is a conformist, accepting miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a cow standing in the rain.

Tags: Accepting, Rain  ✍ Author: Colin Wilson
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