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Tim Heidecker's Quotes

Tim Heidecker profile photo

Born: 1976-02-03
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Tim Heidecker

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Well, I love Bob Dylan, let's make that clear. He's one of my musical heroes.

Tags: Clear, Heroes, Love

When I was a kid I went to Catholic school, and they used to drag us out to pro-life rallies and stuff full of crazy people.

Tags: Crazy, School, Used

When I was in college in Philly, there was a lot of post-punks... hardcore... like, rock. Sixties, retro, proto-Strokes kind of bands.

Tags: Bands, College, Rock

At Temple University, and I'm sure this was the way in a lot of film classes, comedy was not an option, and not considered a serious form of expression. You had to make a film about an issue.

Tags: Comedy, Film, Serious

I don't really know, I was thinking about that the other day that there aren't a lot of younger up and comers that I'm that interested in, in the comedy world. Everyone seems to be trying to play it safe.

Tags: Everyone, Thinking, Trying

I want people to think about movies and how we watch them. Let them know it's okay to question the structure or how we're sometimes duped into a false sense of normalcy. Most of all, I want people to question the old standard practices of, 'This is how the structure of something should work,' or, 'This is how a character must behave.'

Tags: Character, Movies, Work

I was in a band in high school and college and I always had a love for music, but I didn't go to a conservatory or anything like that. I was fairly self-taught.

Tags: Love, Music, School

I'm very wary of doing political stuff for a lot of reasons. One of the big ones is that the shelf-life for them is not very long, and the joke becomes old news very quickly.

Tags: Big, Old, Political

If you go to Sundance, the experience that I've had there as a viewer is... there's like a hundred movies there, and you've got to figure out what movies are sold out, what can you see. Sometimes you go to see movies that you don't know anything about because it just works into your schedule.

Tags: Experience, Movies, Sometimes

In a crazy world where he would get nominated, I'd like to see Obama run against Herman Cain. That would be fantastic. If Herman Cain became president, there'd be a certain sort of morbid curiosity for me.

Tags: Against, Crazy, President

Nothing impresses the ladies like a clean, pressed pair of khakis and a large pattern shirt featuring either classic cars, mojitos or men playing golf.

Tags: Golf, Men, Playing

Online piracy needs to be dealt with itself, because people are just wholesale stealing people's work and not paying for it. It's very hard to figure out a way to fix it.

Tags: Hard, Needs, Work

The idea of trust-fund guys who live in Brooklyn in their 30s is really interesting to me. There's a time and a place where that kind of bohemian lifestyle is appropriate, soon after college, in your 20s. But there are people still living that many years later; they haven't evolved to the next phase.

Tags: After, Living, Time

The scariest thing about screening a comedy... if you screen a drama, you know, there's no real way to tell in real time if people are enjoying it or not. But in a comedy, it's like, if people aren't laughing, it's sort of scary.

Tags: Real, Tell, Time

There's a generation of people I think without a strong connection to family, to religion, to civic duty. They have a real disassociation from the problems of the world.

Tags: Family, Religion, Strong

Sometimes laughing isn't the best judge of what's funny, 'cause I think there's a lot of things that are really funny that don't make you laugh, that don't make you physically, audibly make a noise, but is something that is much more powerful than that.

Tags: Best, Funny, Judge

Nobody hates hipsters more than hipsters.

Tags: Hates, Nobody

A lot of movies aren't intended for everybody.

Tags: Everybody, Intended, Movies

Abbott and Costello were huge for me as a very young person.

Tags: Costello, Huge, Young

Back in high school, there was something fun and dangerous about inhabiting a different personality.

Tags: Fun, High, School

Costumes are fun. Dress up like a pilot some night and watch as people stare!

Tags: Fun, Night, Watch

Everyone's heard the same joke a million times and knows the setups. They are tired of the mass-marketed entertainment served on the networks.

Tags: Everyone, Joke, Tired

I don't have a big hang-up about my body.

Tags: Big, Body
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I have been skeptical and not trusting of traditional models of the entertainment industry. I never got a manager.

Tags: Industry, Manager, Models

I think comedy has to come from a real place. It has to come from an honest place.

Tags: Honest, Place, Real

I think the great sketch shows, like 'Python' and 'Mr. Show,' they didn't stick around for very long. There's something kind of cool about that.

Tags: Cool, Great, Show

I think there's a fine, healthy tradition of, you know, the people on the fringes satirizing the process of Hollywood.

Tags: Fine, Healthy, Process

I think, you know, I'm German, and um, probably not very expressive in my emotions.

Tags: Emotions, Expressive, German

I'll go to see movies, but I also love being at home on my couch and pausing every 10 minutes to pee.

Tags: Home, Love, Movies

I'm a little bit of an amateur political junkie.

Tags: Amateur, Bit, Political

I'm always in situations where you can't be funny, and yet I want to do it anyway.

Tags: Anyway, Funny, Situations

In the world of 'Tim and Eric,' everything is big and ridiculous and absurd.

Tags: Absurd, Big, Ridiculous

It's never fun to read death threats.

Tags: Death, Fun, Read

Most of my ideas just come out funny.

Tags: Funny, Ideas

My dad is a very quick-witted, sarcastic, dry, humorous guy, whereas my mom's very silly, and that side of the family is very musical.

Tags: Dad, Family, Mom

On movies, you have a lot of stylists that get things too pretty. Everything gets steamed and ironed. It's just not the way we really behave.

Tags: Behave, Movies, Pretty

The idea that everyone's opinion is valuable is sometimes up for question.

Tags: Everyone, Opinion, Sometimes

There are a lot of young, well-educated, artistic people out there that like to be entertained.

Tags: Artistic, Young

There is nothing funny about a well-adjusted, intelligent person making the right choices.

Tags: Choices, Funny, Making

There's a lot of dopes in life, and in film school. The interesting people are usually easy to find.

Tags: Easy, Life, School
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