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German Quotes

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How can German music not be represented by an article?

Tags: Article, Music  ✍ Author: Wassily Kandinsky

All German women are beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful, Women  ✍ Author: Heidi Klum

I know thousands of German's who are totally different from me, so we're not alike, we're not the same.

Tags: Alike, Thousands  ✍ Author: Bernhard Langer

Actually, my cd was released in 1985, in return for two German missionaries and a Dutch urologist.

Tags: Actually, Return  ✍ Author: Emo Philips

The German ueber-photographer Andreas Gursky was the perfect pre-9/11 artist.

Tags: Artist, Perfect  ✍ Author: Jerry Saltz

French and German illustrate the misleading character of apparent grammatical simplicity just as well.

Tags: Character, Simplicity  ✍ Author: Edward Sapir

Not unless I do all these ancient and Italian or French or Baroque in the beginnning, I do German.

Tags: Ancient, Unless  ✍ Author: Victoria de los Angeles

I must say to you that my intensions for instance doing German, it is because Victoria de los Angeles is nothing to do with wanting to be like a German singer.

Tags: Singer, Wanting  ✍ Author: Victoria de los Angeles

I was initially signed to a German label a few years ago.

Tags: Few, Label  ✍ Author: Emilie Autumn

We were looking for a 'good shepherd,' and instead we got a German shepherd.

Tags: Good, Looking  ✍ Author: Pope Benedict XVI

A German immersed in any civilization different from his own loses a weight equivalent in volume to the amount of intelligence he displaces.

Tags: Loses, Weight  ✍ Author: Peter Berg

It was very interesting, and we went to Germany and we toured Germany like we were a German band in 1985.

Tags: Band, Germany  ✍ Author: Ruben Blades

More particularly, having a largely German-oriented education has made me very responsive to 19th-century German literature.

Tags: Education, Literature  ✍ Author: John le Carre

The German Emperor is ageing me; he is like a battleship with steam up and screws going, but with no rudder, and he will run into something some day and cause a catastrophe.

Tags: Cause, Run  ✍ Author: Edward Grey

I used to carry about with me a German map-case filled with poems.

Tags: Carry, Used  ✍ Author: John C. Hawkes

I think, you know, I'm German, and um, probably not very expressive in my emotions.

Tags: Emotions, Expressive  ✍ Author: Tim Heidecker

I've lived for 10 years in Switzerland, so I speak German.

Tags: Lived, Speak  ✍ Author: Martina Hingis

It is particularly moving, and I can say this also as a Protestant Christian, that a German - one of us - has been made Pope.

Tags: Christian, Moving  ✍ Author: Horst Koehler

George Bush was for me the most important ally on the road to German unity.

Tags: Road, Unity  ✍ Author: Helmut Kohl

Being German, I think we don't really express a lot of things.

Tags: Express  ✍ Author: Diane Kruger

Germans don't speak in a German accent, they just speak German.

Tags: Accent, Speak  ✍ Author: Daniel Day-Lewis

In particular, I studied German and Russian biomechanics.

Tags: Particular, Russian  ✍ Author: Edwin Moses

The Vichy government was under occupation and carried out the orders of the German occupier.

Tags: Government, Occupation  ✍ Author: Jean-Marie Le Pen

The German people is not marked by original sin, but by original nobility.

Tags: Original, Sin  ✍ Author: Alfred Rosenberg

You talk about German technocracy and you get automobiles.

Tags: Car, Talk  ✍ Author: Gordon Sinclair
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I played a Spaniard. I looked about as Spanish as any other fair-skinned German.

Tags: Played, Spanish  ✍ Author: Lawrence Welk

The Austrians are brilliant people. They made the world believe that Hitler was a German and Beethoven an Austrian.

Tags: Beethoven, Brilliant  ✍ Author: Billy Wilder

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