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Katey Sagal's Quotes

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Born: 1954-01-19
Profession: Athlete
Nation: American
Biography of Katey Sagal

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I think the biggest change has been realizing I now have three children.

Tags: Change, Children, Three

I think we respond well when we do something well.

Tags: Respond

I wanted to be a rock star when I grew up, or at least a singer/songwriter.

Tags: Rock, Star, Wanted

I was kind of lost for several years.

Tags: Lost, Several

I was very rebellious.

Tags: Rebellious

I work with all these amazing voice actors that do a kajillion voices.

Tags: Amazing, Voice, Work

I'm a pretty emotional person.

Tags: Emotional, Pretty

I'm not a Facebook/Twitter gal, but my husband is.

Tags: Facebook, Husband, Twitter

I've certainly experienced physical pain in my life.

Tags: Life, Pain, Physical

I've done comedy most of my career, which I love, but I wanted to expand.

Tags: Career, Done, Love

I've never loved anybody the way I love my children.

Tags: Children, Love, Loved

I've never played a character that would sing.

Tags: Character, Played, Sing

I've never worked on a lawyer show for a long time, but I imagine the actors all start acting like lawyers.

Tags: Acting, Start, Time

It's great to be mean, it is, it's fun.

Tags: Fun, Great, Mean

It's so weird that I play this woman who pretty much deals with violence on a daily basis, and I'm such a wimp in who I am.

Tags: Daily, Pretty, Woman

It's sort of the mixed blessing of being on television for so long in one thing; sometimes that backfires, in that you're not able to continue on.

Tags: Able, Blessing, Sometimes

'Married with Children' was racy. It was sexist. It was a lot of things, but mostly it was funny.

Tags: Children, Funny, Married

Music is extremely intuitive, which acting too in a different way.

Tags: Acting, Intuitive, Music

My parents were very artistic, but busy.

Tags: Artistic, Busy, Parents

My thing about having another child was, time's-a-wasting!

Tags: Another, Child, Time
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There isn't a lot written about the motorcycle culture.

Tags: Culture, Motorcycle, Written

There's so many great songs already written, it's kind of really wonderful you don't have to write your own.

Tags: Great, Wonderful, Write

We all have that desire to be kind of wild and bad.

Tags: Bad, Desire, Wild

You know, it's hard sometimes to just detach yourself from what you're doing.

Tags: Hard, Sometimes, Yourself

You know, we travelled a lot when I was a kid because my father was wherever the work was.

Tags: Father, Kid, Work

You realize mortality is everywhere.

Tags: Everywhere, Mortality, Realize

I don't know, Y'know, I always wanted to be one of those cheerleader girls and I never was that, and I was never sort of cute and perky, and I always thought it was fun to be cute and perky, and those, I don't know what those girls are doing now.

Tags: Fun, Thought, Wanted

I'm very comfortable as a singer. In fact, I think it's more - I identified my self-esteem, my self more in those ways when I was growing up. I really - it was kind of my calling card as a kid.

Tags: Fact, Growing, Self

And I think that's why I was going to be a musician. I was very rebellious. And I didn't want to be an actor. My father used to say to me you should be an actor if you want to be in the arts.

Tags: Father, Used, Why

And then I think now we are - you know his - like I've always said. His spirit is so large that we feel his presence around the show, and we always will. He will always have a voice.

Tags: Said, Show, Spirit

But I started it when I was going through a transitional time in my life. At the end of it, it really sort of symbolized it. I had made room to change, and room to grow. I recorded it in a little room.

Tags: Change, Life, Time

For me it's also - the music is equally as important. I mean I think as somebody who writes music, there just has to sort of be the marriage between both.

Tags: Marriage, Mean, Music

I always had a struggle, which I still do, when you're playing a character and it's not necessarily your morals or your values. You're playing a character, but the way the media will sometimes ask you if these are your opinions, you know - they make you responsible for that, and I take issue with it because I don't believe in censorship.

Tags: Character, Sometimes, Struggle

I would literally have to go meet people so they could see I didn't have big red hair and wear high heels constantly. It was just really ingrained in people.

Tags: Big, Hair, High

I'm a better mother if I'm also doing my work. Some women find a lot more satisfaction from doing the hardest job, which is being a mom. But I like my day job, so I juggle a lot.

Tags: Mom, Women, Work

I'm a big 'American Idol' watcher, and sometimes I like to watch 'America's Got Talent.' Those are big, corny admissions, but sometimes it's so fun to see those kids really sing their hearts out.

Tags: America, Fun, Sometimes

It was really fun. It was fun for a lot of reasons. It was fun because nobody thought that we would be successful. It was on a network that wasn't even there at the time.

Tags: Fun, Successful, Time

So they've actually - it's not that her character is a singer, but she had ambition to do that at an earlier time in her life. So I've actually sung two or three times now on the show.

Tags: Character, Life, Time

So you know, my plan was that I was going to make records, and be a rock star. And that's really what I wanted to do. And I sang from the time I was very young.

Tags: Rock, Time, Young

To be shapely when you're in the seventh grade is not exactly what everyone's looking for, or they weren't then, as someone was telling me the other day. now, that's like a really great thing to do, to be, but then it wasn't.

Tags: Everyone, Great, Someone

When you grow up around it, I just watched my father work really hard. He wasn't around as much as I would have liked. And when I grew up, I understood why.

Tags: Father, Hard, Work

When you tour with a band, you're just out there, and it's just you guys. That's your little universe. If you do a play, it's the same deal. That becomes your world, for the cast and crew.

Tags: Band, Guys, Universe

You know, episodic TV directing is a very long and arduous job. You have very short schedules, short short shooting days, and you have to get lot of pages done.

Tags: Done, Job, Short

I had to accept the fact that sometimes things happen that are out of our hands.

Tags: Fact, Happen, Sometimes

Um, I have an enormous faith in God. I have an enormous support system that also has that same belief.

Tags: Faith, God, Support

And I like to interpret music. So I think it's all interpretive.

Tags: Interpret, Music

And this one I wanted to do some covers. So I just really sang some of my favorite songs.

Tags: Favorite, Songs, Wanted

Being a mother has been my greatest teacher and also the most self-sacrificing thing I've ever done.

Tags: Greatest, Mother, Teacher

Each time I seem to go through one of life's huge things, I want to play music.

Tags: Life, Music, Time

Generally, I find a lot to be grateful for.

Tags: Generally, Grateful

I didn't actually begin professionally acting until I was 30.

Tags: Acting, Actually, Until

I do a lot of writing about my family.

Tags: Family, Writing

I do tend to play characters that have a lot of costume and hair change. I sort of like the change of physicality thing.

Tags: Change, Characters, Hair

I don't like violence.

Tags: Violence

I don't take story input from fans.

Tags: Fans, Input, Story

I grew up listening to a lot of soul music, and a lot of folk music.

Tags: Listening, Music, Soul

I have a little kitchen office at home, where I do all my kids' stuff.

Tags: Home, Kids, Office

I have teenagers, so I listen to a lot of music. They turn me on to great music.

Tags: Great, Listen, Music

I have this whole new audience now.

Tags: Audience, Whole

I like when everything's naturally moving along - I find that pretty exciting.

Tags: Exciting, Moving, Pretty

I love interpreting other people's music.

Tags: Love, Music

I love to perform live.

Tags: Love, Perform

I love to play gigs.

Tags: Gigs, Love

I love TV.

Tags: Love, Tv

I loved Peg Bundy. I am so happy that I got to do that. It was really fun.

Tags: Fun, Happy, Loved

I made a living being a background singer for years.

Tags: Background, Living, Singer

I really like sort of disappearing.

Tags: Singer, Soulful
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