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All pitchers are liars or crybabies.

Tags: Pitchers  ✍ Author: Yogi Berra

You who speak languages, you are such liars.

Tags: Languages, Speak  ✍ Author: Orson Scott Card

I'd love to go to fashion week! I'm learning more about designers, thanks to 'Pretty Little Liars'' costume designer, Mandi Line.

Tags: Learning, Love  ✍ Author: Lucy Hale

Great passions, my dear, don't exist: they're liars fantasies. What do exist are little loves that may last for a short or a longer while.

Tags: Great, May  ✍ Author: Anna Magnani

Regrets? I think everyone has regrets, and people who say they haven't are either liars... or narcissists.

Tags: Everyone, Regrets  ✍ Author: Lee Radziwill

The income tax has made liars out of more Americans than golf.

Tags: Golf, Tax  ✍ Author: Will Rogers

What makes us feel pessimistic about the world, ultimately, is the way the media encourage us to believe that our fate hangs on the every move of the promise-breaking, terminally disappointing Teflon liars in Washington.

Tags: Fate, Makes  ✍ Author: Matt Taibbi

Liars are always most disposed to swear.

Tags: Swear  ✍ Author: Vittorio Alfieri

Don't try to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. It can't be done except by liars.

Tags: Done, Try  ✍ Author: Bernard Baruch

All writers are liars. They twist events to suit themselves. They make use of their own tragedies to make a better story... They are terrible people.

Tags: Story, Themselves  ✍ Author: Nina Bawden

Liars share with those they deceive the desire not to be deceived.

Tags: Deceive, Desire  ✍ Author: Sissela Bok

We're a nation of liars. But I mean that in the kindest sense.

Tags: Mean, Sense  ✍ Author: Neil Cavuto

The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they're not.

Tags: American, Tired  ✍ Author: Hillary Clinton

If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars.

Tags: Hopes, May  ✍ Author: Arthur Hugh Clough

Popular culture tells you that schools and parents don't know what's going on, the police are dogs, politicians are all liars and scum, and any crime that's not committed by the Mafia is done by the CIA.

Tags: Done, Parents  ✍ Author: Stanley Crouch

While photographs may not lie, liars may photograph.

Tags: Lie, May  ✍ Author: Lewis Hine

Great liars are also great magicians.

Tags: Great, Magicians  ✍ Author: Adolf Hitler

'Twisted' is similar to 'Pretty Little Liars' in that it's about trying to find out who did it, but it's more about the human relationships between characters and the strain that things can put on them. It's also a little bit of a social commentary piece, because it covers very timely issues.

Tags: Human, Trying  ✍ Author: Avan Jogia

The only people who make love all the time are liars.

Tags: Love, Time  ✍ Author: Louis Jordan

Anyone who claims to be good at lying is obviously bad at lying. Thus - as a writer myself - I cannot comment on whether or not writers are exceptionally good liars, because whatever I said would actually mean its complete opposite.

Tags: Bad, Good  ✍ Author: Chuck Klosterman

I was one of the most brilliant liars as a child.

Tags: Brilliant, Child  ✍ Author: Tea Leoni

I don't tolerate liars. When somebody lies to me, that's really, like, just unbearable.

Tags: Lies, Somebody  ✍ Author: John Lydon
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I have one major problem with the Internet: It's full of liars.

Tags: Full, Problem  ✍ Author: John Lydon

Fishing is a delusion entirely surrounded by liars in old clothes.

Tags: Fishing, Old  ✍ Author: Don Marquis

The simplest of women are wonderful liars who can extricate themselves from the most difficult dilemmas with a skill bordering on genius.

Tags: Women, Wonderful  ✍ Author: Guy de Maupassant

The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards, liars and the selfish hide in high places.

Tags: Often, Selfish  ✍ Author: Bryant H. McGill

I don't debate with liars.

Tags: Debate  ✍ Author: Evo Morales

Actors are good liars; writers are good liars with good memories.

Tags: Good, Memories  ✍ Author: Daniel Keys Moran

Writers, all the good ones, are Natural Born Liars.

Tags: Born, Good  ✍ Author: Daniel Keys Moran

He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.

Tags: Makes, Truth  ✍ Author: Charles Peguy

I know how easy it is for one to stay well within moral, ethical, and legal bounds through the skillful use of words - and to thereby spin, sidestep, circumvent, or bend a truth completely out of shape. To that extent, we are all liars on numerous occasions.

Tags: Legal, Truth  ✍ Author: Sidney Poitier

I can't really make fun of zombies. They're not liars. They're not cheats.

Tags: Fun, Zombies  ✍ Author: George A. Romero

I have one major problem with the internet: It's full of liars. There doesn't seem to be any way to answer to people lying about you.

Tags: Full, Problem  ✍ Author: Johnny Rotten

One of the things that make Liars so fascinating after five albums, each one so completely different from the others, is that even though they play around with all the classic tropes of art-damaged angst-noise perv-rock, they exude a totally cheery and boyish enthusiasm onstage, goofing around with their keyboards and beatboxes.

Tags: After, Others  ✍ Author: Rob Sheffield

One of the best moments of any Liars show is hearing the crowd squawk 'We're doomed! We're doomed!' on cue during 'We Fenced Other Houses with the Bones of Our Own.' Maybe not the most uplifting audience sing-along in the indie rock world, but one of the most reliably entertaining.

Tags: Best, Rock  ✍ Author: Rob Sheffield

Liars need to have good memories.

Tags: Good, Memories  ✍ Author: Gabourey Sidibe

All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.

Tags: Believed, Run  ✍ Author: I. F. Stone

Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.

Tags: Government, Run  ✍ Author: I. F. Stone

Of all liars the most arrogant are biographers: those who would have us believe, having surveyed a few boxes full of letters, diaries, bank statements and photographs, that they can play at the recording angel and tell the whole truth about another human life.

Tags: Life, Truth  ✍ Author: A. N. Wilson

Every war results from the struggle for markets and spheres of influence, and every war is sold to the public by professional liars and totally sincere religious maniacs, as a Holy Crusade to save God and Goodness from Satan and Evil.

Tags: God, War  ✍ Author: Robert Anton Wilson
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