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Doris Day's Quotes

Doris Day profile photo

Born: 1924-04-03
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Doris Day

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If it's true that men are such beasts, this must account for the fact that most women are animal lovers.

Tags: Men, True, Women

Middle age is youth without levity, and age without decay.

Tags: Age, Middle, Youth

I'm tired of being thought of as Miss Goody Two-Shoes... the girl next door, Miss Happy-Go-Lucky.

Tags: Girl, Thought, Tired

The really frightening thing about middle age is the knowledge that you'll grow out of it.

Tags: Age, Grow, Knowledge

Vulgarity begins when imagination succumbs to the explicit.

Tags: Begins, Explicit, Vulgarity

Wrinkles are hereditary. Parents get them from their children.

Tags: Children, Parents, Wrinkles

Any girl can look glamorous... just stand there and look stupid.

Tags: Girl, Stand, Stupid

I don't even like parties.

Tags: Parties

I don't know if I want to get married again.

Tags: Again, Married

I had a wonderful family including my aunts, uncles and cousins but they've all gone to heaven.

Tags: Family, Heaven, Wonderful

I like Michael Buble.

Tags: Michael

I like to sing love songs.

Tags: Love, Sing, Songs

I liked being married instead of the girl who's looking for a guy.

Tags: Girl, Looking, Married

I never retired.

Tags: Retired

I'm going to do as much as I can for the animal world, and I'll never stop.

Tags: Animal, Stop

I've just always loved animals.

Tags: Loved

I've never met an animal I didn't like, and I can't say the same thing about people.

Tags: Animal, Met

Well I do find the beauty in animals. I find beauty everywhere. I find beauty in my garden.

Tags: Beauty, Everywhere, Garden

When I was a teeny little girl, I was in dancing school, and I sang.

Tags: Dancing, Girl, School
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