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Rachel Dratch's Quotes

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Born: 1966-02-22
Profession: Comedian
Nation: American
Biography of Rachel Dratch

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When you're starting up a show, you don't really know what direction it's going to go.

Tags: Direction, Show, Starting

An improv team would have eight guys and one woman; that was still pretty standard. If you were a woman improviser, it was actually kind of an advantage because, if you were halfway decent, you'd get a lot more stage time.

Tags: Pretty, Time, Woman

And you know when I was growing up, I knew I wanted to have kids, but I knew I didn't want to do it alone. Then once I was 41, 42, I had to accept that I probably wouldn't have kids unless I decided to adopt later on, but even then it would be with a partner.

Tags: Alone, Kids, Wanted

Everybody always asks about Jimmy Fallon. I'm sorry to say that he's very nice and there's not much bad to say about him. I don't know if he sucks at videogames or not. I don't think he plays them, but he could have this whole secret life I don't know about.

Tags: Life, Nice, Sorry

I remember watching Gilda Radner when I was a kid and everyone thought she was so funny and no one ever said that she was a funny woman, she was just funny.

Tags: Funny, Thought, Woman

If you have an impulse, not if you're going to ruin someone elses' scene, if you have an impulse of a funny little add-on or taking something in a weird direction, try it.

Tags: Funny, Someone, Try

Personally, I don't even read bummer news stories about the environment because it makes me feel helpless to fix anything and reminds me that the general population doesn't treat these issues as an important part of our political life.

Tags: Life, Political, Treat

The Yale group was doing the Harold. So by our senior year we were trying to do the Harold. Again, we had no idea what we were doing. We had one guy in the group who was pretty experimental; he would kind of push us to do weird things. It was really fun, a great experience.

Tags: Experience, Fun, Great

Actually, I didn't like Dartmouth very much, but the whole theater scene I really liked.

Tags: Actually, Theater, Whole

All I remember is the last time I played a videogame, it was Space Invaders.

Tags: Last, Remember, Time

But I majored in Drama, modified with Psychology.

Tags: Drama, Modified, Psychology

I also didn't consider myself a huge baby person.

Tags: Baby, Consider, Huge

I could see myself in some sort of pioneer bonnet, it's my childhood fantasy, but I think I look too Jewish for the prairie.

Tags: Childhood, Fantasy, Jewish

I definitely don't want to do drama. I'm not looking to branch out into that world.

Tags: Definitely, Drama, Looking

I did Second City, and Nia Vardalos also did Second City, so I knew her from there.

Tags: Her, Knew, Second

I did some acting in high school, I knew I really liked it.

Tags: Acting, High, School

I didn't originally intend on writing a book. I started writing during the day to feel like I was accomplishing something creative.

Tags: Book, Creative, Writing

I don't really consider myself an impressionist.

Tags: Consider

I had always wanted to be on SNL, it's not always great, but it's this leftover childhood dream.

Tags: Dream, Great, Wanted

I have no wisdom to share on dating.

Tags: Dating, Share, Wisdom

I never wanted to be that person who leaves 'SNL' and nothing happens.

Tags: Happens, Leaves, Wanted

I started doing improv in college, and I really liked it.

Tags: College, Liked, Started

I started doing improv my sophomore year.

Tags: Improv, Started, Year

I think for anyone - male or female - in improv, the biggest thing to get over is the fear. I think every improviser has that.

Tags: Anyone, Biggest, Fear

I was sort of the class-clown type, and I was also in school plays, and I always liked comedy.

Tags: Comedy, Liked, School

I'm definitely not up-to-date on the high-tech videogame world.

Tags: Definitely
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If it gets laughs, it's funny.

Tags: Funny, Laughs

In real life, I'm gorgeous, beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful, Life, Real

Many comedians have a dark side that lets them take a negative thing and turn it funny.

Tags: Dark, Funny, Negative

Since I was little, it was instilled in me to conserve water. In terms of what can you do as an individual, it's an easy issue to get behind.

Tags: Easy, Since, Water

Well, I've claimed to have seen two ghosts in a hotel room.

Tags: Hotel, Room, Seen

When I was a kid, I was super shy.

Tags: Kid, Shy, Super

When I was little, we used to have Atari.

Tags: Atari, Used

I don't use a pen. I write with a goose quill dipped in venom.

Tags: Goose, Pen, Write

In my case, self-absorption is completely justified. I have never discovered any other subject quite so worthy of my attention.

Tags: Attention, Quite, Subject

An entrepreneur is someone who brings a pattern change.

Tags: Change, Pattern, Someone

Change begets change as much as repetition reinforces repetition.

Tags: Begets, Change, Repetition

Entrepreneurs almost always have to step out of existing institutions that embody old ways of doing things to build their vision.

Tags: Almost, Old, Vision

Entrepreneurs cannot be happy people until they have seen their visions become the new reality across all of society.

Tags: Happy, Reality, Society

Everyone says you've got to do a foundation and legal structure to finance social change. What nonsense!

Tags: Change, Finance, Legal

Imagine a world where everyone is really a change maker.

Tags: Change, Everyone, Imagine

It's the combination: big idea with a good entrepreneur: there's nothing more powerful.

Tags: Big, Good, Powerful

Public service and respect for ideas is a recurrent theme in both the American and Australian sides of my family.

Tags: American, Family, Respect

The life purpose of the true social entrepreneur is to change the world.

Tags: Change, Life, True

The social entrepreneurs are governments' best friends.

Tags: Best, Friends, Social

We are all very deeply the children of our parents and their parents. Far more than we generally realize.

Tags: Children, Far, Parents

We have to teach empathy as we do literacy.

Tags: Empathy, Literacy, Teach

We started Ashoka here in India with a simple idea: that you needed social entrepreneurs to deal with problems that don't fit the business paradigm.

Tags: Business, Problems, Simple

We would like to have every middle and high school become a place where there will be lots of examples of youth competence and confidence.

Tags: Become, Confidence, School

White House cultures inevitably reflect the president's character. Jimmy Carter is a thoroughly honest, good person. So was his White House.

Tags: Character, Good, Honest

You can't be a change-maker by reading a book.

Tags: Book, Reading

Every successful organization has to make the transition from a world defined primarily by repetition to one primarily defined by change. This is the biggest transformation in the structure of how humans work together since the Agricultural Revolution.

Tags: Change, Successful, Work

Good entrepreneurs can manage, but no one but an entrepreneur can entrepreneur, let alone help build and lead the world's community of leading social entrepreneurs and their top business entrepreneur allies.

Tags: Alone, Business, Good

I was taught by my parents that people who are loud don't have anything to say. I've found if you're suggesting quite big changes, a quiet style may be reassuring.

Tags: Big, May, Parents

In 1962, when I was 19, I visited India. With introductions from people involved in the U.S. civil rights movement, I was able to visit with several of the leading Gandhians there. The hundred-to-one difference in average per capita income between America and India at the time was a stark reality for the people who became my friends there.

Tags: Friends, Reality, Time

Organizations must shift away from repetitive-function hierarchies with rules and enforcement and walls. Instead, we must migrate rapidly to becoming a global 'team of teams' that comes together in whatever combination necessary to add the greatest value to the changes underway.

Tags: Away, Greatest, Together

What does an entrepreneur do? The first thing is they've given themselves permission to see a problem. Most people don't want to see problems... Once you see a problem and you keep looking at it, you'll find an answer.

Tags: Keep, Problem, Problems

Since there's no help, come let us kiss and part.

Tags: Help, Kiss, Since
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